Make great work visible with our career visibility platform

Wurlio captures and shares your team's work highlights, tracks career milestones, and boosts performance.

Leading a high-performing team has always been tough.Throw in flexible hours, varying work locations and changing expectations. Now your job feels more complex AND there’s more pressure to deliver than ever.New ways of working need a fresh approach to performance management.Yes, aligning everyone around business goals is essential. Formal training plays a role. But that's a tiny part of the thousands of moments shaping our daily work/lives. The things that get forgotten by the time performance reviews come around.The good news is, there’s another way.Being aware of your team's daily workflow without getting stuck in the weeds. Identifying where individual contributors are thriving. Leading without micro-managing.A performance culture isn’t created by imposing top-down targets. Or from sporadic feedback. It comes from an environment that values personal progress and growth. Giving everyone the tools they need to track their career journey.Not once a year.
Not once a quarter.
Not even once a month.
Every day.Wurlio combines the power of AI with the beauty of human curation. Making it simple for your team to track and share their important moments. Allowing them to showcase their value and ensure their work is visible. Enabling everyone to recognise their contribution.We’re launching Wurlio in 2024 to help you and your team track their career journey and perform at their best.Interested?Get in touch to sign up for the exclusive beta test.And stay tuned for more...